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v2vserver - v2v backend server

  v2vserver depends on twisted and python-v2v

  you can find python-v2v at http://code.v2v.cc/python-v2v
  twisted you find at http://twistedmatrix.com

ubuntu packages
  you can install v2vserver via apt-get,
  futher information on adding the repositry at

using v2vserver
 * you should create a user for v2vserver
   adduser --system --home /home/v2vserver --shell /bin/bash v2vserver
 * you should create your own SSL Certificate(server.pem) or point to one
   you already created in your config file (server-pem)
 * configure v2vserver via settings.xml
 * start v2vserver in shell:
   ./v2vserver.py settings.xml

installing v2vserver
 you can use v2vserver without installing, but you can also install it via:

   python setup.py  install --prefix=/usr/local

running v2vserver as a system daemon
 for debian you can copy v2vserver.init to /etc/init.d and 
 add it to your runlevel, make sure you update the init script
 to point to the right locations
 now you can start v2vserver with /etc/init.d/v2vserver start

Latest Activity:

revision 97 : 2008-10-16
only use constructed tracker url if none in config file
revision 96 : 2008-05-23
update README
revision 95 : 2008-05-23
add gpl3, update debian folder